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  • Non Profit: example, Registered Charities, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Hospice Niagara
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Career Education - Brock University Campus                                      Supporting employers with their on-campus hiring of Brock students who are completing degrees from a diversity of programs across 6 unique faculties.
Co-operative Education (Co-op) Providing employers with year-round access to bright and motivated students from 39 different programs for 4-16 month work terms.  Tax credits are available.
Career Education - Goodman School of Business Supporting employers with their on-campus hiring of Goodman students who are completing degrees from one of 10 business-specific program areas.
Career Education (Brock University Campus)
Career Education (Goodman School of Business)
Hiring a current student
Hiring a graduating student or recent graduate
Being a guest speaker/panelist at an event
Sponsoring an event/initiative
Conducting mock interviews with students
Conducting resume reviews with students
Participating in recruiting events
Participating in career/job fairs
Hosting an information session
Hosting office hours to meet with students
Participating in informational interviews
Interested in course-based project with students

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